What is a desk calendar and the styles of it?

Desk calendar is one of the stationery that is often used in daily life. It is mainly placed on the table to remind us of the date of each day. It can be used to note to-do items, and it can also be used to make some schedule arrangements, so that what we do every day can be displayed in an orderly manner. they can be designed and produced require certain art skills. Of course, if you have strong hands-on ability, you can also make printing yourself. What are the types of desk calendars? Let’s take a look together!

What is a desk calendar

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A desk calendar refers to a calendar placed on a table.
They are mainly divided into desktop calendars and electronic calendars. Its varieties include business , paper holder , crystal , memorandum , note-style , gift , and personalized .

What are the styles of desk calendars?

Electronic desk calendar

Exquisitely shaped electronic desk calendar program, you can display and query the Gregorian calendar, lunar calendar, festivals, festivals and other information for many years.
they has a convenient schedule reminder function, which can remind you on time with text and music (you can choose music by yourself, support wav, mp3, mid and other music methods) according to your set time. It can be displayed on your office computer, Install it on mobile phones and other mobile electronic devices, and you will no longer miss valuable business opportunities because you forget the time. It is also like a little secretary who does not need to get a salary, silently serving you day and night.

Personalized desk calendar

A personalized calendar is made with your own photos or pictures you like.
Personalized calendar mainly consists of: shelf, paper, circle. Personalized calendar sets appeared on the market, including a calendar shelf, 13 calendar papers and a calendar ring, and the calendar paper and the calendar frame are both equipped with holes, and you can just pinch the ring after printing, which is convenient and practical.

Custom calendars

There are many kinds of desk calendar themes on the market, mainly including health care, Chinese studies, business and leisure, finance and economics, blessings, zodiac, characters, and aliens, etc. Different themes contain different charms. You can Find the desk calendar that suits your needs.

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