Matt lamination / Glossy lamintation

As people have higher and higher requirements for the appearance of printed matter, printed matter generally requires fine post-press processing to improve the grade. Common processes include lamination, bronzing, embossing, UV, and other post-press processes, not only to ensure the quality of printed products, and improve the grade, but also an important means to achieve value-added, it can make your prints instantly taller. Now let’s talk about the lamination process.

The lamination process is to cover the surface of the printed matter with a plastic film, and use an adhesive to bond it together after heating and pressing to form a processing technology that combines paper and plastic.

What is matt lamination ?

Matt lamination is mainly a fog-like surface. The surface of the box is covered with a matte film that does not reflect light. It looks very elegant and has a matte texture. The surface is soft in color and elegant in appearance. It is often used in the clothing industry, gift packaging, tea Packaging and other high-end printing and packaging industries.

Matt lamination rigid box
Matt lamination rigid box

What is glossy lamination ?

Glossy lamination that is bright, the surface of the product coated with the bright film is bright, and it looks as bright as a mirror and has strong expressiveness. The bright film reflects ambient light and belongs to specular reflection. Its surface is relatively bright, which can make the printed matter more colorful, but it is easy to reflect light. Applying the bright film on flat covers, carton, and cartons planes is good.

Glossy Lamination Boxes
Glossy Lamination Boxes

Generally speaking, the cost of matte film is generally higher than the cost of bright film. Thick paper will become fragile after glazing, and will become more tough and foldable after lamination. Today’s high-end carton packaging and handbags The process development after printing will choose lamination, which can not only effectively prevent smearing, but also prevent the packaging carton from getting wet in a limited way. Therefore, the lamination technology is still very useful, but it is still necessary to design these different products. According to different processes to choose, the appropriate is better.


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