How to design a custom notebook? What do you need to know?

Despite all the digital tools available to plan our lives, the need for paper notebooks continues to grow. Notebooks can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes according to the needs with additional features that make them stand out. But not all notebooks will meet the user’s needs, so it begs the question, “How to design a custom notebook ?” Let’s explore that together.

Custom notebook cover type

The design aesthetics and color of the cover are also one of the main reasons for choosing a notebook. For example, colorful design, or design that can show elegant texture, etc., will vary according to personal preferences.
If it is used to write a diary or record, a notebook with a thick appearance is more popular. Relatively speaking, if you require to carry it frequently, or usually use the notebook as a note paper, it is recommended to choose a thin and easy-to-carry style, or choose a note paper notebook.
So think carefully about how to design it and get the most out of it. There are several options for cover material — paper, fabric, or leather — and what you choose depends on what you want to do with the cover. Want a beautiful custom pattern? Paper is the best option. Want texture and feel? Fabric is your best bet, you still have the option to apply foil stamping and add custom workmanship to it. Want luxury? Leather is your best choice, embossed or embossed text or logo will personalize it.

custom notebook cover

personialed notebook size

Nowadays, some office workers use notebooks to record inspirations at work, so the size of notebooks reflects the size of their thinking. That is to say, the larger the space of the notebook, the more everyone can escape the frame of thinking and inspire better inspiration.
Although everyone’s needs are different, generally speaking, notebooks with a size of about A5 are the most convenient to use. Therefore, it is recommended that you can use the A5 size as the basis for selection.
In addition, flat and long notebooks are also very popular recently, especially when reading books. For example, when you are learning a language, you only need to draw a straight line on the notebook with a ratio of 3 from left to 7, and you can write a word or idiom on the left side, and write the practical example sentence of the word or idiom on the right. Because the shape is flat and long, you can write longer sentences without breaking them into paragraphs.

tie up

Most notebooks on the market have double ring or coil binding. Because these types of bindings offer flexibility to the user while having a flat surface for easy writing on. But if you prefer a more refined or customized look, hardcover binding is great for fabric and leather notebooks. Pages of text are enclosed or bound to the gray board material and wrapped in the desired material. You can learn more about binding types here.

text page

personialed notebook text page

Smooth, easy-to-write paper allows you to write with ease. At the same time, durability, whether the ink is easy to smudge, etc., are also the focus of attention. Also, check whether the written content will be easily engraved on the next page.


An easy way to upgrade your organizer is to add a space to keep important documents or mementos such as tickets, bills, invitations and more. You can place this pocket page inside the front and back covers, or you can form a pocket by taking it from the end sheet and placing it on the front or back of the body pages (meaning the pocket will form its own in the order the body pages “page”). Either way, it’s an easy addition that we think should be standard in your planner designs.

ribbon or bookmark

While not required, it can be helpful to give your users the ability to mark their location without having to find a loose piece of paper or fold a page corner, grosgrain or ribbon, or a small bookmark. Ribbons are useful tools that can be added to any type of binding. Bookmarks can be used as additional branding items and/or another useful tool for planners (like a ruler).
There are countless items that can be added to the notebook, depending on the needs of your brand and client base. Punched recipe cards, verse cards, quote stickers—the options are endless. There is flexibility when creating your schedule, so don’t be afraid to dream it up!

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