How much does it cost to make a cosmetic packaging box ?

“How much does it cost to make a cosmetic packaging box?” Customers often ask this question in the process of doing business. First of all, I feel very helpless that there is no standard answer to such a question. Here, Risen Paper Products can share with you why this question cannot be answered.

Each customized box is unique, whether it is the brand of paper material, box style, custom size, required craftsmanship, design, etc. So the client asked me what kind of box I want to make and how much, please give me a quote, but there is no answer at all.

Secondly, the price of a custom box is affected by many factors, such as the size of the box you need to make, the material you choose, lining, style, craftsmanship, quantity, etc. Only when these are clarified can a specific price being quoted.

Finally, for the customization of packaging boxes, many customers have been asking how much the manufacturer charges. In fact, most of the boxes are customized, and the price is set according to the customer’s budget. It is often said that custom boxes are determined by the customer, not the manufacturer. Decide that this is not a lie. The price of customized packaging boxes is often determined according to the customer’s budget, product, corporate culture concept, material selection, and other factors, and then design, selection the process and proofing.

The above are the more frustrating problems encountered in daily business. Do you have the same frustration? Welcome to exchange related questions about packaging box customization.If you want to know more about packaging box customization, please contact us


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