How much do you know about product packaging design upgrades?

Where there are people, there is commodity circulation.How much do you know about product packaging design upgrades? Excellent packaging determines the appearance and texture of the product. Need to design product packaging. However, the consumer groups facing the product are different, so it is necessary to distinguish the packaging design of the product according to different consumers and different aesthetic preferences, and then have the corresponding packaging design. Generally speaking, people will choose the current trendy and fashionable packaging design, but the times are constantly changing, and popular elements are also changing, and these things are affecting people’s aesthetics. People’s aesthetics are also constantly improving, and packaging is also updated in time to adapt to the trend.

1.Shape change

It’s easy to understand. When a product has always adopted a fixed shape, and the packaging design has not changed for many years or even 10 years, people will say classic style. When one day it comes out with a new style, we’ll say the latest. Of course, the new model is also an upgrade on the basis of the classic model, or the new model will continue to inherit the main elements of the classic model.

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2.Style change

When your product has been consistent with the product packaging style on the market, it is actually difficult for your product to break through many difficulties and reach the hands of consumers. Now packaging design has a global trend. European and American style, Korean style, various styles, Party A has a better understanding of the market than Party B. Therefore, it is necessary to determine which style the current consumers like, whether they like the business route, a style that is naturally interesting, or a style package with a certain ethnic element. The packaging design of this product is obviously more targeted.

3.Theme changes

When our products are recognized by the market and have a certain sales volume, we can consider launching some new packaging designs. We often say that there is a “themed month”, and of course the packaging also has themed packaging. Just like our holiday cards, there are a variety of holiday themes to choose from. These different themed patterns better cater to different age groups. Customers, and even many brands, will launch specific product packaging during the holidays or Chinese New Year. We call it “Limited Edition”. Generally speaking, the thematic type of packaging design will only appear in the market for a specific period of time, thereby promoting the sales of the product. This type of packaging is generally very popular with consumers. Unchangeable things are packaged with changing things, and naturally there is an unchanging side. The first is color. Generally speaking, when the packaging of many products changes, its theme color will not change. The pattern on the external label of some companies’ products may be updated many times a year, but the theme color will not change. This is done. The purpose is to let customers form a fixed thinking, which is also the most direct effect brought by the theme color. Replacing a logo with the same logo should be a no-no for all companies. Generally speaking, after a product is determined to use a logo, the possibility of changing the logo is almost zero. No company will arbitrarily change products or company logos. After all, what is easier to remember than the packaging is the logo that is recognizable at a glance.

In the future, the appearance of product packaging is bound to become higher and higher, and even the packaging has begun to match the appearance. The packaging of the older generation, on the shelves of dazzling commodities, may not be able to conquer consumers in an instant. People are attracted to better-looking packaging designs. And now the main consumer force is also the younger generation, people prefer popular elements.You can browse other pages to learn more about packaging


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