Dragon Boat Festival gift box

Time flies, and the second half of 2022 is approaching in the blink of an eye. The traditional Chinese festival Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanyang Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Chongwu Festival, Tianzhong Festival, etc., is a folk festival integrating worshiping gods and ancestors, praying for blessings and warding off evil spirits, celebrating entertainment and eating. Nowadays, the pace of society is getting faster and faster, and there are fewer and fewer people who make zongzi by themselves. When visiting relatives and friends, the best gift is nothing more than the Dragon Boat Festival gift box. my country is a country of etiquette. Design solutions that our company provides to customers.

dragon boat gift box design
Whether the gift box is beautiful or not, the most direct reflection is the design.
Combined with its own characteristics, many brand colors are based on the green theme of the Dragon Boat Festival.

gift box structure
Conventional box structures include (heaven and earth cover, drawer type, clamshell type, folding type) and special-shaped boxes. more detail
Choose according to the different products in the gift box, type, budget, etc.. Or recommended by a professional gift box factory. The texture of the gift box adopts the embossing process, as well as embossing, lamination, UV, laser engraving, etc…

Dragon Boat Festival gift box material
Common paper is (kraft paper, cardboard, coated paper) and art paper (collectively referred to as special paper)
The printing color is rich, we recommend coated paper. For less printing, texture and color have requirements, we recommend art paper.

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