Coated paper

What is coated paper?

Coated paper is also called printing paper. A layer of white paint is applied on the surface of the base paper, which is processed by super calendering. The surface of the paper is smooth, the whiteness is high, and the ink absorption and inking performance are very good. Mainly used for offset printing, gravure fine screen printing, such as high-level picture albums, calendars, books, and so on. The disadvantage is that the silty is easy to stick and fall off after being wet, and it cannot be stored for a long time.


It is divided into single-sided coated paper and double-sided coated paper. The common gram weights of coated paper are 105g, 128g, 157g, 200g, 250g, 300g, 350g. The gram weight refers to the weight of the paper per square meter.

Use in printed matter

The uses of different gram weights are also different. Most of the gram weights are measured with a micrometer, and then specific numbers are obtained. The specific uses of different grams are as follows:

1, 105g, 128g : It is the minimum paper weight for four-color printing . Because the paper is too thin, the occlusion of the printed matter is not strong, and it is easy to cause the phenomenon of front and rear printing, and the cost is low. Therefore, it is often used in the inner pages of magazines and low-end publicity materials in large quantities, and it is also a good choice for companies with limited budgets.

2. 157g : At present, the most widely selected gram weight in ordinary single-page printing is 157g of coated paper, and most advertising single pages and folding pages use 157g . At the same time, single pages, folded pages, inside pages of picture albums, and posters will also give priority to 157g , which is moderately priced and has a relatively good texture.

3. 200g, 250g: It is a good choice for companies that pursue quality and product effects, but due to the improvement of raw material quality, the product price is relatively high, high-quality single pages, posters, album covers, inner pages, 200g, and 250g are often used for cards and packaging boxes.

4. 300g, 350g : this gram weight is relatively rarely used in current printing, because cardboard can be replaced in many aspects, but a small part of album covers, packaging boxes, handbags, etc. will also choose 300g, 350g .

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