Black cardboard

What’s the black cardboard?

Black cardboard is a kind of relatively firm and thick thick paper, which generally has the characteristics of smooth and delicate double-sided, good stiffness and stable color. Paper is one of the four great inventions in ancient my country, and is a collective name for paper, cardboard and processed paper. It is a sheet-like fiber product used for writing, painting, recording, printing, packaging and other purposes. . Common performance indicators of paper, color card is dyed in various colors, blue is called blue card, red is called red card, brown is called coffee card, and black is called black cardboard.

the characteristics of black cardboard

thDelicate paper, black through the heart, firm and thick, good folding resistance, smooth surface, good stiffness and tensile strength, high burst resistance

the use of black cardboard

Suitable for photo albums, photo frames, backboards, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, mobile phone boxes, shoe boxes, stationery, clothing tags, notebooks, desk calendars, handbags, electronic gaskets for speakers and speakers, and packaging for various handicrafts.
Black cardboard is cost-effective, the product has good blackness, uniform and delicate surface, not easy to fade, stable color, high folding resistance, good stiffness, widely used in handbags, hang tags and cards, stationery, account books, photo albums, photo frame backs Plates, and various advanced cosmetic boxes, shoe boxes, etc. Because of its good waterproof and insulating properties, it is widely used in Japanese and European customers’ electronic gaskets, audio speakers and other high-tech products.

The scope of application of black cardboard

  1. Stationery: photo frame backboard, hardcover book cover, photo album, notebook, philatelic book inner page, puzzle, folder, writing pad, etc.;
  2. Apparel industry: hang tag and hang card clothing accessories, shirt boxes, shirt boards, shopping bags, hangers, etc.
  3. Gift packaging: advanced cosmetic boxes, jewelry boxes, shoe boxes, mobile phone boxes, luggage, leather products, handbags (handbags, advanced gift bags), promotional gifts and other craft gift packaging;
  4. Advertising industry: advertising boards, window displays, display racks, photoelectric backplanes, etc.;
  5. Audio electronics: speakers, speaker gaskets, sound membranes;
  6. Food packaging: tea boxes, moon cake boxes, wine boxes;
  7. Home improvement materials: background walls, picture frames, etc.

The width of the black cardboard paper machine is 2460MM, which is currently the largest paper machine width in China, which can meet the needs of most customers. The specifications of reels and flat plates can be customized. The special size starts from 5 tons. The production cycle is fast and the effect is high. At present, the main products are single-coated Black card, double-coated black card, black card with gray background, sandwich black, etc.


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