analysis of demand for paper products in 2022

At present, the market demand for major paper products is maintaining growth, accounting for about 62.4% of the total paper production in 2020. The substantial share of wrapping paper is attributable to the demand in the logistics industry, as e-commerce and express delivery usually require packaging as a protective layer for goods and items. Printing paper including newsprint, writing paper, and coated paper is mainly used for printing media and office stationery, accounting for approximately 22.0% of total paper production in 2020.

The quality of papermaking felts has been continuously improved

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Paper products tends to be green and environmentally friendly

The government proposed to promote the development of green manufacturing and circular economy in the industrial textile industry, and outlined specific measures, such as the research and development of energy-saving production processes, increasing the application of recycled fibers in industrial textiles, and the developing of decomposable industrial textiles. Therefore, existing papermaking felt manufacturers are expected to use more recycled materials for production.

Diversified portfolio of paper and papermaking felts

Paper felts are considered a specialized industrial textile made of technical fabrics, designed and woven for use on paper machines. Manufacturers of papermaking felts are committed to developing production technologies that may affect the use, performance, and durability of papermaking felt in paper machines. For example, researchers in China and several papermaking felt manufacturers have collaborated and conducted technical studies to review the vibration problems of papermaking felts and their associated impact on the safety of papermaking machines during operation. In addition, the paper industry’s switch to high-speed paper machines and the need for high production speeds and paper quality have also led to the expansion of high-performance papermaking felts.

As a service-oriented manufacturing industry, the paper felt manufacturing industry is closely linked with the downstream paper and paper product manufacturing industry, including tissue paper, printing paper, packaging paper) and specialty paper and paper product manufacturers. Traditional paper and paper product manufacturers typically offer products and services of the same nature and compete on pricing and logistics. Given the heightened competition in the market and the foreseeable industry consolidation, small and medium-sized paper and paper product manufacturers try to innovate and start offering a wider product portfolio and other value-added services to differentiate themselves from the market competition. Accordingly, as upstream suppliers to paper and paper product manufacturers, paper felt manufacturers will diversify their product portfolios to meet customer demand.


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